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About Blue Sky Health Care Advocates

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Blue Sky Health Care Advocates was launched by Carey Kempton, the current director, following personal and professional experiences with the complicated US health care system. She began serving as a private health care advocate for family and friends starting with the coordination and care of her daughter’s battle with pediatric cancer. She has worked with patients and their families with a range of medical diagnoses. She has extensive experience working on health insurance and medical bill issues, and the coordination of care within our complex health care system.

Prior to launching Blue Sky Health Care Advocates, she worked as a small marketing/business manager and for a regional medical center on patient access and hospital staffing systems. Through these experiences, she refined her skills as a communicator both with and between different stake holders—a skill she deploys in her health care advocacy work each day.

Ms. Kempton is currently associated with the Massachusetts Health Care Advocates (MAHCA)—which she co-founded—and the National Association of Health Advocacy Consultants (NAHAC). Ms. Kempton received a Master in Business Administration from Northeastern University and a Bachelor of Arts from Hamilton College. She holds a Health Insurance License and recently received an award for negotiating patient debt from CoPatient Inc., a national medical billing group.

Blue Sky Health Care Advocates is connected to a nationwide network of health care advocates which allows it to draw on the expertise of advocates across the country. These advocates have extensive experience in all areas of the health care system. In particular, Blue Sky Health Care Advocates works with national medical billing specialists to analyze medical bills from health care providers all over the United States to determine the bill’s accuracy for its clients.

Health care advocacy is not bound by location—Blue Sky Health Care Advocates can work with patients and their families across the country. Contact us with your questions or concerns.

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