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Health Care FAQ’s

How do I select the best health insurance for me/my family?

The first thing you need to consider in selecting health insurance is how much coverage do you think you/your family needs. This will depend on whether there are any know health conditions that will need to be taken care of in any given year. Secondly, you need to determine what you can realistically afford to pay each month and in case of an emergency health event. Then depending on whether you are being offered health insurance through work or looking to purchase insurance on the Health Exchange or directly from an insurance company, you can begin comparing policies for coverage and cost.

How do I compare health insurance prices?

If you are looking on the Health Exchange, the policies available are sorted by level from Bronze (least expensive) to Platinum (most expensive). The monthly fees and coverage are usually listed in a spread sheet format for comparison. This is generally true if you are looking to select from a specific insurance company as well. Your employer will probably have a couple of choices for you to compare and they will supply you with a summary of the coverage and costs that you will be responsible for.

How do I know if my doctor or hospital bill is correct?

It is difficult to know whether your bills are correct or not. The medical billing charges for visits and procedures varies by location, physician, facility and health insurance coverage. It is possible to get a rough estimate online but the actual amount is determined by medical billing codes which can be reviewed by certified billing specialists.

How do I fight a large or inaccurate medical bill?

First, you should have your bill reviewed by an expert to determine if there are errors. Then based on the results, an appeal request can be made for review by the medical provider and insurance company.

Why do I need a Health Care Advocate?

A health care advocate will provide you with knowledgeable, professional assistance in getting the information and results you need from our complex US health care system.

Other Questions?

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