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What is a Health Care Advocate?

A health care advocate is an experienced health care professional who works with patients and their loved ones to help them navigate the intimidating US health care maze. This can include understanding a difficult diagnosis, finding the best treatment options, assisting with doctors’ visits and subsequent care, or deciphering complicated insurance plans and medical bills.

In other words, health care advocates are consulting detectives for your medical costs.

Select Health Insurance

Blue Sky Health Care Advocates will help you review and understand all your available health insurance options and plans:

  • Review and selection of employer or private plans
  • Review and selection of Health Exchange insurance plans
  • Explanation of health insurance coverage
  • Coordination of benefits with multiple plans
  • Understanding Medicare, including: Part A, B, C, and D
  • Selection of Medicare supplemental insurance
  • Applying for Medicaid

Negotiate Medical Bills

Blue Sky Health Care Advocates can help you to understand and perhaps reduce your medical bills. Our team of medical billing specialists will:

  • Review your medical bills
  • Request corrections to bills
  • Negotiate with health care providers and insurance companies
  • Realize reductions on bills where possible

Problem Solve Issues with Health Insurance

Blue Sky Health Care Advocates will work with you to resolve issues with your health insurance coverage. After reviewing your particular concerns, we will:

  • Reach out to the appropriate health care organizations
  • Bridge the communication gaps
  • Submit Appeals to health insurance and health care providers
  • Negotiate a resolution to your problem
  • Work with you across the U.S.

Have Other Questions?

Do you already have a plan but have some questions about coverage? Not sure if you qualify for help with your medical bills? We can help with that too. Look through our FAQ’s page or get in touch with us.

“We thank you for all your assistance.  A very daunting project.  4 difference currencies, 4 insurance carriers to deal with.  etc. Great job!!  We enjoyed working with you.”
—SA, Massachusetts
“In this dynamic health insurance climate, I rely on Blue Sky for help with selecting my health insurance. They also help me calculate the amount I need to set aside in my HSA annually so I am not surprised by any changes in insurance coverage for my diabetes supplies.”
—WB, New Hampshire